Welcome To California Pointe

Hey there! I'm Nicole and I'm grateful you stopped by my welcome page.

I created California Pointe to help demystify and simplify personal development. Over the years I've learned the best routines and systems for living an intentional lifestyle. I think you'll find these tips helpful in your own growth journey, too.

My blog is full of step-by-step tips to help you create a lifestyle you truly love, full of purpose and joy.

I'll be honest, it wasn't easy for me to get here. It took years of learning the hard and slow way to build a life that I'm excited to wake up to every day. But I truly believe that creating the lifestyle you desire is not about perfection but about being your best, authentic self, and finding joy along the way.

My purpose is to inspire and guide you towards living your dream life. I can't wait for you to start creating a lifestyle you love