One of the best ways to grow as a person is through improving your perspective.

But what exactly is perspective?

A simple explanation of perspective

Perspective is your point of view. It’s how you see, understand and ultimately experience the world around you.

Basically, perspective influences your entire life and how you live it. 

Here's an example of how perspective works: think back to a time when you had a conversation with someone who viewed the world as an abundant place full of options. Their outlook was positive or hopeful. 

After the conversation was over you may have felt curious about your own way of approaching living life in with the same attitude.

Of course, you most likely remember talking with someone that shared one negative observation after another. After a while their attitude may have started to influence your opinions and emotions. 

That’s the power of perspective both good and bad. It can empower you or take away your ability to thrive in life. 

The secret to seeing things a new way

The secret to improving your point of view is first understanding yourself. By defining or redefining your opinions and values you dive deeper into reaching a positive, consistent perspective shift. Now let’s explore the 5 steps. 

5 Ways to Improve Your Perspective

#1 Stop comparing yourself to other people

Most of us compare ourselves to others. I know because I do it too. So, when I fall into this bad habit I do these things instead:

  • I make a gratitude list of my blessings
  • Embrace other people’s successes as a good example and motivation but not as jealousy
  • Remember to stay humble and know I’m trying my best
  • Refocus the energy onto my own efforts, goals and dreams
  • Revisit what is important to me, why I’m doing what I do and how I’ll feel when I reach the outcomes

#2 Focus on what matters most to you 

One influence over our perspective is related to the comparison issue I mentioned up above. However, focusing on what matters to you shifts the energy back into alignment with your true self. Staying true to your higher calling is where you find joy, not in someone else’s definition of what’s important.

#3 Read a biography to understand experiences that are new and different to your daily life

I know I suggest reading a lot in my tips and guides but its because it works! When you read, especially a bio, you’ll explore ideas, emotions and situations way outside your normal day to day life. Yes, that a good thing because these biographical stories helps us understand ourselves better. And you gain skills to solve problems, resolve conflict and work through challenging situations.

#4 Be disciplined about the thoughts, stories, and images you allow to grace your mind

It’s so important to develop discipline towards what you consume. Whether its music, stories, books, imagery, or people there’s a tendency to consider them as not a big deal. But they are because they’ll influence how you view (and live out) reality. 

#5 Remain curious and embrace the wonder of the world

Often more times than not the idea (or mere suggestion) of staying curious is shut down as an unrealistic way to live. I caution you to reexamine this way of thinking. Some of histories most successful, influential, helpful people consistently embrace the world through an open mind and heart, sense of self and fascination for unique ways of doing things.


Final Thoughts

Changing your personal perspective helps gives you the tools to protect your mindset from unwanted influences. Whenever challenging events come up, because they will, you’ll manage them with empathy and clarity. 

Think of perspective as the fuel for living a lifestyle aligned with your code of principles and beliefs. 

For more examples of living life with a great mindset read my post,  "39 Best Habits of Successful Women (2021)".



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