18 Mindset Shifts To Live Your Dream Life Now

Ever daydream about a life that feels truly amazing? Maybe it's mastering a new skill, or simply having confidence to do the things you want to do. That's actually version of living a dream life. But there are other versions too because we all have a unique dream in mind for ourselves. The key to living yours? Shifting your mindset. Let's explore 18 powerful ways to think differently, see the world with fresh eyes, and unlock the potential to create your own version of an extraordinary life.

How Does a Mindset Shift Help You Think Differently?

I'm going to go step by step through some strategies so that by the end of this article you can: 

  • Pay your mindset shifts "dummy tax" (more on that later)
  • Organize your intentions and goals
  • Take action steps to live your dream life now


How Does Your Mindset Affect Your Life?

The mindset you posses constantly requires that you to look inward at your own beliefs, values and actions. The way you think about the world around you affects how you live and move through life so your mindset is actually driving a lot of what you desire to accomplish.

What Is the Dummy Tax?

David Meltzer is often associated with the concept of the “dummy tax”. He was the inspiration for Tom Cruise's character in "Jerry McGuire". At one point David lost $100 Million dollars. The mistakes he made turned into lessons learned and now teaches to others. He promotes the concept of not paying the dummy tax.

Little did I know in my twenties and thirties that I was paying this tax. Repeatedly.

What changed? I decided to stop learn everything on my own and start learning by other's successful examples. That's what David explains, “In the same way there is no reason to re-invent the proverbial wheel, there is no reason to pay the “dummy tax” or make the same mistakes these more experienced individuals made and are willing to share with you.”

What Are Mindset Shifts?

A mindset is a way of thinking or believing. However, when you change your way of thinking you are shift how you see the world and your place in. The shift occurs because of a change in your belief systems.

Why Are Mindset Shifts Important?

A mindset shift requires action. Action is important to taking a dream from your mind or as a written goal into reality. 

Changing the way you think leads to so many other positive results. The way you think has the potential to open yourself up to unlimited possibilities.

How Do You Shift Your Mindset? 

Small steps are my favorite kind of action steps because they’re manageable. Over time those small steps add up to big results and I've gathered 18 of them for you try out.

18 mindset shifts to help you live your dream life

#1 Focus On Strengths

What would happen if you focused on improving what you’re really good or great at? Anything that you give your attention and energy to will grow. So, don't fixate on the things you don’t do well. Keep learning and improving on what you do best.

#2 Believe In Your Full Potential  

Sometimes you have a roadblock keeping you from reaching your dream life. If you can believe in your ability to change just one aspect of your circumstances, and repeat that self-belief each day, you will be on your way to making the changes necessary to live 

#3 Be Clear On Who You Want To Be 

If you want to become a better version of yourself you need to define what that looks like. Realizing your dreams hinges on defining the person you want to transform into. Imagine who you'll be and how you'll act once you achieve your goals. Then start living as that version.

#4 Get crystal clear on what you want to do 

Knowing who you want to become is an important step. Follow up a great start with knowing what you want to do. This may take some creativity or exploration. You never know when you’ll find “it” – or how many of “them” you’ll come across over your life. By it and them I mean the activity that you enjoy that leads you to your transformation into your best version of yourself.

#5 Know That Action Is Required

You’ll need to create an action plan to live the life of your dreams. Start by visualizing how your dream life will look and feel. How much income do you need to support the lifestyle? Planning the steps to make your dream life a real life will be your action plan. 

#6 Take Small Steps

Designing the life and lifestyle you’ve always desired will go more smoothly if you break up the work in chunks. Doing what’s necessary will be less daunting by completing one part at a time. Before you know it tasks will done and you’re moving onto the next one.

#7 Become a Life Long Learner

Learning new ideas will keep you in a growth mindset. Equally important, if you stop learning you'll stop growing. Envision how robust your quality of life will be by always learning new points of view and concepts. 

#8 Celebrate Wins, Big Or Small

Don’t dismiss your accomplishments even so the smallest success can be cause for celebration. Take time to enjoy achievements because it will boost your confidence! 

#9 Attach Feelings To the Goal

Emotions are about knowing your “why”. Whenever you align your actions with your motivations you've got a solid blueprint for mindset shifts. 

#10 Be Prepared For Pitfalls So You Don't Get Stuck

You already know that there's good and bad days. Prepare a plan for the difficult days prior to them happening will help you get through them. Exercise, meditation, reading a book or taking a bath can help you move past the bad days.

#11 Dream Confidently and Boldy

You are in control of your own life as the designer, doer and dreamer. Give yourself permission for big, bold ideas about your goals. Remove limitations and go after your wildest dreams. You’ll never know what happens until you try.

#12 Be Prepared To Grab Opportunities

Preparing for a successful outcome is about the process. Lean into the journey and believe the success is already on its way to you. Envision yourself after you’ve accomplished your goal. What is the next step?

#13 Don't Be Afraid To Fail

Don't be afraid to fail. In order to shift your mindset it's important to view failing as just a way of learning what not to do again. 

#14 See The Process As Progress Despite the Outcome

Learning from experience comes from both successful and failed outcomes. The mindset shift helps you see them both as progress.

#15 Let Your Past Go

Let it go because the past doesn't define you in the present. It's okay to collect the best lessons learned along the way but keep moving, learning and growing.


#16 Write Down Your Goals

Writing down your goals and intentions is the best way to visually see them. Like Oprah Winfrey says, “When you see it and believe it, it’s a lot easier to achieve it.” Your goals will stay top-of-mind, and you’ll react to it and always work on it. 

#17 Set Deadlines

Goals without a due date are just ideas. Move your intentions from an idea to completion with a deadline. 

#18 Organize Your Dream Life Goals

The pillars that make up a good life are these 5 categories: health, relationships, finances, spirit and happiness. Create a lifestyle plan to improve and sustain these pillars. As I've noted using these categories helps you organize your actions and track your results.



You now hold the key to living your dream life with these 18 powerful mindset shifts. Embracing these changes can ignite the spark to turn your dreams into reality.

Remember, dreams are just the beginning; the real transformation lies in experiencing them firsthand. So, take action, make those dreams come true, and embrace a life beyond your imagination.

What does your dream life look like? Describe your ideal lifestyle in the comments below.

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