Do you ever set a goal that feels like it's living on another planet? Starting a side hustle, landing that dream internship, or finally writing that novel – these are "stretch goals," the ones that make us dream big but also wonder how we'll ever accomplish them. But there's a key to unlocking your full potential called vibrational alignment. 

What Is a Stretch Goal?

A stretch goais a specific target that’s above or beyond what you normally aim to achieve. These types of goals require a solid motivation and a mindset focused on discovering new opportunities and solutions because it is a new level of results you're after.

Why Are Stretch Goals Important?

A stretch goal pushes you out of your comfort zone. You have to cross familiar boundaries into new feelings, new actions and new ideas, Essentially, you're transitioning your energy from old to new so that you can match the level or energy your new goal requires of you to make it a reality.

Why Are Stretch Goals Useful?

In order to reach a next-level goal, you’ll have to use different methods and strategies that you most likely never used before. One thing I've learned is that growth is always outside of your comfort zone and you'll have get comfortable being uncomfortable reach a new level of results. 


What Is Vibrational Alignment?

Vibrational alignment is when your mind, body, spirit and energy work together in a flow state to live as your true, authentic self.

How Are They Connected?

These higher level goals can feel intimidating, right? That's where vibrational alignment comes in. Think of it as this: the closer your energy (or "vibe") matches the energy of your goal, the easier it becomes to reach it. It's like tuning into a specific radio station – the clearer the signal, the better the reception. Vibrational alignment helps us get that crystal-clear connection with our goals, making the journey to achieving them feel more exciting and less overwhelming.

What Is Vibrational Energy?

According to the article written by Rebecca Joy Stanborough, MFA, for Healthline, “Your body is composed of energy-producing particles, each of which is in constant motion. So, like everything and everyone else in the universe, you are vibrating and creating energy.”

How Does It Feel To Be In a Higher Vibrational Alignment?

  • Synchronicity or coincidences occur more frequently
  • You're more aware of the abundance surrounding in your environments
  • You notice small details like nature, people's behaviors, or patterns
  • Creative solutions are readily available
  • Your mindset is mostly positive 
  • You experience consistent and sustainable energy levels
  • You’re ready to take on new challenges


The Path to Aligning Your Vibrational Energy

Getting into alignment or raising your vibration happens through consistent actions. Here are 12 practices to elevate your vibrational alignment:

12 Ways To Reach Vibrational Alignment

  1. Journal thoughts, emotions, goals
  2. Pray or meditate
  3. Visualize your intentions
  4. Frequently go out into nature
  5. Practice gratitude
  6. Exercise
  7. Focus intake to media, books, articles of positive quality and high level vibration
  8. Practice generosity or kindness
  9. Monitor your thoughts
  10. Consume healthy foods and beverages
  11. Practice breath work
  12. Seek good, consistent rest

4 Important Facts About Vibrational Alignment

Fact #1 Compatibility Matters 

It is possible that your intention isn’t the right match for a goal. If the target isn’t achievable based on your current abilities, look into setting smaller, achievable goals. Completing those small goals fills the incompatibility gap. Use the momentum from those successes to approach the stretch goal again.

Fact #2 Attract or Repel The Right Goals

You attract what you already are. Consider the concept of “like attracts like”. Get your mind, emotions and actions at the right, positive level to prepare yourself for achieving stretch goals.

Fact #3 Use Visualization 

Visualization is a mental rehearsal that helps you envision the results or experiences you're aspiring to complete. This imagery can resemble a movie or a daydream that you control because you're designing a mental picture around three action steps:

  1. How you'll work toward your goal
  2. Solve problems that arise
  3. A successful outcome 

Fact #4 Learn From Alignment Success Stories

Successful people are successful because they've mastered the art of correctly aligning ideas, actions and adjustments to match their desired result. From interviews, books, videos or courses you can learn directly from anyone that has done what you're hoping to achieve for yourself.



When you’re ready to set a big, personal goal that’s completely different than anything you’ve ever achieved it’s considered a stretch goal.

Stretch goals push you beyond your conventional problem solving methods stretching you to go above and beyond and create results that exceed your typical intentions.

When your goals aren’t a good match for your desires there are 2 choices. Either accomplish a few more goals to close the incompatibility gap so you’re ready for the stretch goal. Or raise your vibrational alignment to match that of your desire so your energy and actions match the work necessary to achieve the stretch goal.

The takeaway is that you are made up of energy that is always working to attract or repel other energies in your life. By raising your vibrational alignment with any of the 12 steps mentioned above you'll successfully complete your stretch goals. 

Which step will you do first to reach your stretch goal?

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