How To Use Vibrational Alignment To Achieve Stretch Goals

In this blog post I'm sharing how you can use vibrational alignment to achieve stretch goals.

Stretch goals are also known as bigger than average goals which get you beyond one milestone to the next milestone.

By the end of this post you'll understand how to use these 4 frameworks for setting goals:

2 Steps for Setting Stretch Goals

  1. Understanding your stretch goal
  2. Understand vibrational alignment
  3. Ways to raise vibrational alignment

Let's start with stretch goals and how they're important to you.

What Is a Stretch Goal?

A stretch goal is a specific target that’s above or beyond what is expected to be accomplished, requiring radical ambition and new solutions for high level of results never achieved before.

Why Are Stretch Goals Important?

Setting a personal stretch goal pushes you out of your comfort zone. These temporary challenges also push you to discover new strategies, and work in different ways in order to get results you’ve haven’t achieved before in your personal development.

Why do stretch goals require problem solving in innovative ways?

In order to achieve a new type of self-growth goal, you’ll have to use different methods and strategies. Growth and improvement occurs in the uncomfortable productivity of striving towards the stretch goal.

Now, let's move onto vibrational alignment.


“Today is the future I created yesterday.” Louise Hay

What is Vibrational Alignment?

Vibrational alignment is when your mind, body, spirit and energies work together in a flow state to support who you really are, your true self, and what you want in life.

How are stretch goals and vibrational alignment connected?

Vibrational alignment influences the success or failure of any stretch goal and influences your ability to achieve goals and intentions.

What is vibrational energy?

According to the article written by Rebecca Joy Stanborough, MFA, for Healthline, “Your body is composed of energy-producing particles, each of which is in constant motion. So, like everything and everyone else in the universe, you are vibrating and creating energy.”

How does it feel to be in a higher vibrational alignment

  • Synchronicity occurs in all areas of your lifestyle.
  • Abundant resources are present and accessible
  • Creative solutions are readily available
  • A positive mindset is consistently maintained
  • You experience high energy levels
  • You’re ready to take on new challenges


“Everything in life is a vibration.” Albert Einstein

The Path to Aligning your Vibrational Energy

Getting into alignment or raising your vibration happens through consistent actions. Here are 12 practices to elevate your vibrational alignment:

12 Ways To Reach Vibrational Alignment

  1. Journal thoughts, emotions, goals
  2. Pray or meditate
  3. Visualize your intentions
  4. Frequently go out into nature
  5. Practice gratitude
  6. Exercise
  7. Focus intake to media, books, articles of positive quality and high level vibration
  8. Practice generosity or kindness
  9. Monitor your thoughts
  10. Consume healthy foods and beverages
  11. Practice breath work
  12. Seek good, consistent rest

4 Important Facts About Vibrational Alignment

Fact #1 Compatibility Matters Between Desires and Goals

It’s possible that your desire isn’t the right match for your personal goal. If the target isn’t achievable based on your current abilities, look into setting smaller, achievable goals. Completing those small goals fills the incompatibility gap. Use the momentum from those successes to approach the stretch goal again.

Fact #2 Vibrational Alignment Attracts or Repels Goals

You attract what you are. Consider the concept of “like attracts like”. Get your mind, emotions and actions at the right positive level to prepare yourself for achieving stretch goals.

Fact #3 Visualization Promotes Alignment

Visualizing is a mental rehearsal. Imagine your future self in one of two ways: doing the work to finish the goal vs. after you’ve completed the goal. Ask yourself what steps do you need to get done for this important goal? Use these insights to work toward your intentions in reality.

Fact #4 Learn from Alignment Success Stories

Successful people correctly aligned their thoughts and actions into their desired outcomes. Learn directly from them by reading their books, interviews or other sources where they’re sharing personal lessons and strategies.


Recap of How to Use Vibrational Alignment to Achieve Stretch Goals

When you’re ready to set a big, personal goal that’s completely different than anything you’ve ever achieved it’s considered a stretch goal.

Stretch goals push you beyond your conventional problem solving methods stretching you to go above and beyond and create results that exceed your typical intentions.

When your goals aren’t a good match for your desires there are 2 choices. Either accomplish a few more goals to close the incompatibility gap so you’re ready for the stretch goal. Or raise your vibrational alignment to match that of your desire so your energy and actions match the work necessary to achieve the stretch goal.

The takeaway is that you are made up of energy that is always working to attract or repel other energies in your life. By raising your vibrational alignment with any of the 12 steps mentioned above you'll successfully complete your stretch goals. 

Which step will you do first to reach your stretch goal?

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