How To Start A Daily Routine - To Become Your Highest Self

Like I've said before....routines are your superpower. Routines have the power to make you who you are and who you want to become. Let’s dive into how you start a daily routine to become your highest self.


What Is a Good Daily Routine?

A good daily routine is a group of habits that don't change no matter the circumstances. Of course, there's exceptions to this rule as there should be. However, typically when you perform a routine the activities are completed as a series of steps and don't stray from the normal order or sequence.

Examples of a Daily Routine

A good daily routine is any activity that you find helpful, relaxing, engaging or stimulating. For example, reading, exercising, cooking, organizing and cleaning are routines.

Activities that make you feel your highest, best self are the ones that level up your lifestyle. To make it easier for you I created a free, printable one page planner for you - get here:

Daily Routines for Becoming Your Best Self

Here are four examples of routines that align with becoming your best self:

4 Daily Routines for Becoming Your Best Self

  1. Drink a glass of warm water with lemon every morning
  2. Filling up a thermos or water bottle and drink all the water by the end of the day
  3. Take a 15 minute mini-break to rest, recharge or relax
  4. Choose your outfit the night before to make getting dressed each morning a quick and seamless experience

Here's the most important part: these are self-care related habits. Taking care of yourself, first, helps you're take care of everything else in your life and your to-do list.


Why Should You Start a Daily Routine?

You should start a daily routine in order to design your outcomes instead of only reacting to what happens to you in life. We all have different dreams and goals. By creating a routine to support those intentions you'll literally reap the rewards of your progress.

    How to Start a Daily Routine

    First, ask yourself, “What do I want to accomplish?” 

    Second, write out the first couple of steps it takes to achieve the task or intention. A word of caution here - you don’t have to have every single step figured out. General outcomes you’re striving for are perfectly fine!

    Also, be sure to Include activities that truly align with attaining the result.

    Third, be consistent with your actions but remember to leave some room to have fun with your routines! 

    Fourth, track your progress and be kind to yourself with a reward once you’ve achieved consistency.

    Fifth, repeat the above steps and be open to making adjustments, if necessary, until you find the right fit.

    What Daily Routines Work Best?

    The best routines align with your intentions or the ‘why’ behind the reason for starting a daily routine. However knowing what actions to start, add or stop can be challenging. 

    I know how it feels when certain habits no longer work. Or they stop providing the results you desire. It happens to me as well. Remember, you’re free to adjust a system anytime its no longer serving you or your ultimate purpose.

    How to Narrow Down Choices for a Routine

    A simple way to narrow choices for your routine is by tracking your current progress. Either you're getting closer to your goals or you're not. When you track results you’ll see patterns to help you decide what actions stay and what you should let go of. Keep all the good activities that help you feel your best and move you closer to your lifestyle goals.

    Remember, be open to adjusting your routine. A good routine is one that serves you but isn't so rigid you can't change it up when needed.

    17 Benefits of Starting a Daily Routine

    If you still need convincing here's 17 benefits of starting a daily routine:

    1. Understand yourself better
    2. Increase focus
    3. Prioritize what matters to you
    4. Stop wasting time
    5. Get more done in less time
    6. Reduce stress levels
    7. Create a feeling of accomplishment
    8. Improve quality of sleep 
    9. Reduce decision fatigue
    10. Promote physical and mental health
    11. Better control of your reactions and emotions
    12. Lifestyle regularity
    13. Breaks bad habits
    14. Establishes efficiency
    15. Keeps track of success
    16. Improving your mastery of a skill
    17. Sense of purpose



    Structure and consistency may sound boring but having them as part of a daily routine can help you create the kind of life you desire. Look, it doesn't have to be so outrageously hard. Try setting aside time each day for one activity like reading magazines or books, cooking new recipes and organizing your counter.

    If you can prioritize one routine then you'll build good habits, build motivation, and reduce stress. At the end of the day, starting a routine gives you a sense of purpose. And that's what its all about - living life with purpose and joy.



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