Here's 5 quick steps how to choose a personal goal and take actionable steps towards achieving it.

Step 1 What Area Needs Improvement

First, decide what goal you want to accomplish. An easy way to do this is by reflecting on the areas of your life that need improvement. Use the 5 pillars of a good life to help you figure which direction to take. 

5 Pillars Of A Good Life 

The 5 pillars of a good life are universal lifestyle categories. By nurturing these pillars you'll open up to the possibilities and opportunities for attaining your intentions. 

  • Health pillar
  • Relationships pillar
  • Finances pillar
  • Happiness pillar 
  • Spirituality pillar

Step 2 Make it clear and defined

Write out what you want to accomplish as a clear goal. The more detailed the better. In addition, include the pillar that your goal aligns with from step one.

Step 3 Action Steps

Next, write all the steps required to make your goals a reality. No need to overthink this. Simply write down practical actions you can take for getting closer your dream. The priority of this step is to get started and avoid inaction that comes from over planning. 

Step 4 Use Habits

Habits are the daily routines which lead to achieving short-term and long-term goals. Good habits make you who you are or who you want to become. So, create a routine that establishes a habit which supports your goal.

Step 5 Chunk It Out

Break up your list of steps into "chunks". Chunking your work, also know as "batch-working" means: breaking down big steps into smaller ones over a series of hours, days or weeks. Breaking up your action steps into smaller, manageable parts helps you accomplish your goal.

Recap Of The Guide

When setting goals use this 5 step formula to help you achieve it:

Step 1: Reflect on a lifestyle category that needs improvement.

Step 2: Define your goal clearly.

Step 3: Write down a plan for getting started on working toward the goal.

Step 4: Daily routines make habits because that becomes your foundation for action.

Step 5: Break down the large steps into smaller action steps to help you manage achieving the goal in a practical way.


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