39 Best Habits of Successful Women

Success leaves clues.

You've probably heard this one a few times. But did you ever stop to look into what those clues are?

More importantly, did you consider how to apply those clues of success toward your own personal goals?

Learning from another person's journey can you save you time and energy. So, I've put together 39 of the best habits of successful women for when you need inspiration (and a step-by-step process).

What is success?

Success is defining what you want in your life and taking action toward achieving that goal. Perseverance helps you get through the hard work that's required. And repeating the work becomes the daily steps or routines that get you the results.

Repetition  is important - those are your habits.

Habits make you who you are, and who you want to become. What's more, good habits set the tone for your life. When you develop really good habits it sets you up for a good, healthy and prosperous lifestyle.

This list of 38 habits of successful women serves you in 3 ways:

  • the list is a source of good intentions to model in your life
  • proven action steps by successful women
  • opens your mind to the potential that all women possess


This quote about the power of action, from motivational speaker and author Mel Robins, nails it. "There is one thing that is guaranteed to increase your feelings of control over your life: a bias toward action." 

Studying the habits of successful women is like your personalized master class. You get to learn directly from powerful, female achievers on how to level up your personal or professional lifestyle goals.

Keep reading for habits numbers one through six!

Habits of successful women #1-6

#1 Start the day with a good mindset

Successful women establish their intention for the day first thing in the morning, That is to say they own the day by, before it even starts, by defining what they want to get done. 


#2 Visualize their success

Before they do the work they visualize the steps. Seeing themselves worth through the process, problems and successful outcome helps to better prepare them for the real thing.

#3. Take risks

Women who are focused on achieving their goals do things outside of their comfort zone. Taking chances, starting before they're ready and not getting caught up in figuring out every step helps them get more done. 

#4 Don't compare themselves to others

Comparison is not part of their framework. They know the dangers of comparing themselves again other people's achievements. So, they don't do it.                

#5 They prepare for when things go badly

Like I mentioned up above in habit #2, successful women visualize processes. Seeing herself work through problems and worst-case-scenarios helps her plan for them in reality.

#6. Schedule time for specific tasks

Batch working or scheduling chunks of time for certain tasks means she can master each day's events.

Here's habits numbers 7 through 12.

Habits of successful women #7-12

#7. They make rest a priority

They're aware of the proven research on the importance of good sleep for health. In fact, rest is part of their self-care routine.


#8. Consistent exercise is also a priority

In my blog post, "How I Make Room For Things That Matter", I discuss that exercise is one of the 5 pillars of a good, healthy life. So, get your sweat on and pick your favorite ways to move your body.

#9. Read a lot

Ultra-successful women share this one habit: they read a lot. They know that knowledge and information is more valuable than entertainment or scrolling social media. The value gets compounded or increased as they apply it to improve other aspects of their lifestyle.

#10. Focus on progress over perfection

The phrase, "Done is better than perfect" sums up how focused women manage their productivity. They won't make it ugly but they don't make it perfect all the time either.

#11 Take action

There is no progress, like in step #10 without action. They know the process is in the progress. The only way to do it is by taking action, one step at a time.

#12. Learn from every experience

Women who achieve their goals understand the importance of learning from every experience. Both positive and negative situations can teach them valuable lesson.  

Habits of successful women #13-18

#13. Share ideas and resources freely

To put it bluntly they don't hoard information. For example, they seek out ways to share, collaborate and support other others. This action is aligned with habit #14 below.

#14. Practice an abundance mindset

Successful women believe there's enough to go around for everyone which is an abundance mindset.

They openly share resources because they don't live in fear (scarcity mindset) that there's only enough for one.

And their belief system includes the idea the universe provides more than enough, to be shared equally, for those who seek it out.


#15. Avoids scarcity

Scarcity mindset is the feeling or belief that there's never enough to go around. Entrepreneurial women avoid this mentality because it promotes the wrong things: competition, stress, fear and tearing down of other people. These negative vibes are unwelcome in their belief system. 

#16. Believe in themselves

A successful woman believes in her own potential. She's got countless stories about being under estimated and turning the doubting of her abilities into a strength. Self-confidence is a driving force within their success stories.

#17. Set goals 

Setting goals is an action step of women who seek growth. They strive to achieve short and long term goals. When they achieve one goal, they're ready to level up and accomplish a new one.

#18. Practice gratitude 

Another common trait among success oriented women is being grateful for blessings. Whether its a weekly gratitude list or daily journal, they take time to give thanks for what is going right in their life.

Habits of successful women #19-24

#19. Go above and beyond

They do one more. Even if its just one more action step, they do it.


#20. Invest in self-improvement

These women know investing in themselves will directly increase personal health, finances and resources. For instance, taking a digital course or reading a book on their area of expertise is a form of self-improvement.

#21. Write down goals

Both short and long-range goals help to see the big picture. Successful women break down big projects into smaller steps.

#22. Have a positive attitude

This one seems so obvious but I have to include it in this list of habits of successful women. Challenging moments are a part of life but it's the ability to figure out solutions, take action in the midst of challenges. These women seek out the positive of any situation. 

#23. Know when to take time off

Taking a break, a vacation or extra hour of sleep is the sign of a self-aware woman. That self-awareness helps them excel at their personal and professional goals.

#24. Ask for what they need without apologizing for it

Successful women ask for what they need with confidence.

Habits of successful women #25-30


#25. Practice patience

They do what they do for the long term results and not for immediate gains.

#26. Protect energy levels

Managing engagement is something they learn to master quickly. They know the right tasks to focus energy on and which ones aren't important. 

#27. Work smarter

Ambitious women use systems to work smarter. One example is the routine of working in time blocks to achieve more in a day. They take advantage of clear intentions, defined periods of work and rest with a focus on personal development. All of this is to say they try to balance out their work cycles for best results.

#28. Focus on being the best version of themselves

As much as they're committed to making their lives better equally important is improving the lives of others.

#29. Try new things

Trying something new, even if they're not fully ready is a trait of highly successful women. Entrepreneur and philanthropist Marie Forleo says, "The key to success is to start before you're ready."

#30. Always authentic

They're never afraid to be themselves. Quirky, nerdy, outspoken, powerful and confident. Being their authentic self is highest level of personal success.

Habits of successful women #31-36


#31. Get out of their head and get into their body

They balance thinking and analyzing with exploring feelings and emotion. A point overlooked because so much emphasis is placed on mindset only. Undeniably, moving the body is a way to tap into being present and through feeling. Dancing, Pilates, and Yoga are 3 ways to harness the body.

#32. Build deep relationships

A woman that focuses on building successful outcomes knows she must build positive relationships too. Professional and personal friendships are considered an important part to increasing abundance in her lifestyle.

#33. Personalize their space

The work and personal space is dedicated for the purpose of increasing success. There's no room for junk. Only items that fulfill the intention of becoming their best self are placed in their office, bedroom or workspace.

#34. Seek female mentors

Ambitious women consistently reach out to female mentors. They recognize that learning from a woman even slightly more successful then are currently will help them learn and level up.

#35. Celebrate personal wins and those of others

They know celebrating other women's accomplishments reduces personal feelings of envy and comparison fatigue. It also encourages their own motivation. 

Habits of successful women #36-36


#36. Resolve past issues

Women that are in touch with their feelings, like in habit #31 understands the importance of facing and resolving personal issues. She sorts them out and moves on so her past doesn't control her future. 

#37. Help society

She considers it her divine duty to share her gifts with world as a way to help others. The only way to do it is to keep educating herself. 

#38. Take responsibility for their wellbeing

A successful woman recognizes she's charge of her own wellness. Furthermore  she understands this capability comes from within. Although other people can add or take away from her wellbeing she's in control of how those influences play a part in her lifestyle.

#39 Life-long learners

They're always learning new concepts in the area of their expertise. In particular, they enroll in online courses or virtual events for improving self education.

Summary of 39 Best Habits of Successful Women

Now you have 39 habits to use anytime you need some motivation. Which habit is your favorite one? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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