Forget constantly chasing the next step – factoring in time to track your progress is a game-changer when it comes to reaching your goals.

It's a simple check-in, but it can seriously boost your getting-things-done power. Trust me, I've been there – skipping progress checks can be a real time suck.

Why Is It Important To Be Aware of Progress?

Tracking your progress makes it easy to see how close you are to making your goals a reality. There's no better motivation than realizing how far you've come or how close you are to reaching the milestone you've dreamt about.

Four Benefits Of Progress Checks

1. Flexibility Navigate Life's Challenges

Life is always changing, sometimes even throwing a rogue wave in your path that can knock you off course. When you can adapt to those shifting tides you’re better able to stay on track of the vision you have. 

2. No More Time Wasted

Earlier, I mentioned that seeing how things are shaping up helps you identify areas for improvement. If you see your current methods don’t add up pick another method. It’s important to not lose momentum and keep moving forward.

3. Organization Is Easier

Seeing a record of what you've accomplished helps you organize the goals you want to reach. Whether its a journal or drive on your computer or cloud, you can access and update your progress as needed.

4. Celebrating Wins Conditions Your Subconscious Mind

Savoring success, even the smallest of wins, can train your subconscious mind to expect a reward when you win. This is vital. Your brain needs to that positive behavior (the reward) to keep it on “team dream” and buy in that what you’re doing is the worth the effort and risk. Our brains are designed to keep us safe. We just need to be in charge and remind the "mind” through celebration that the task is worth it.

Let’s explore how you can gain self awareness and level up your approach to achieving your dreams and goals.

10 Essential Ways To Be Aware Of Your Progress

#1 Be patient for your results

Taking action and doing the small, mundane things over and over again can lead to outcomes that surpass your dreams.

#2 Take Responsibility For Your Situation

The quality of your life, as it is right now, is a result of the choices and habits you have made up until this point.

#3 Outside Opinions Of Your Life Should Stay Outside

Other people's opinion of you is none of your business. Live your life according to your own standards. Opinions do not pay your bills, attend your classes, help you with chores or support your dreams. Ignore the noise and stay the course. The future you will thank you.

#4 Know Your Why

Knowing the why behind what you do helps you stay the course toward reaching your aspirations. 

#5 Walk In Your Truth

The ideas and dreams you have for your purpose are uniquely yours to bring to life. The vision you're compelled to achieve is yours for a reason. It has been gifted to you because you're the only one that can see it, shape it and offer it to the world.

#6 Set Boundaries To Avoid Negativity

Negative situations will always be something to contend with. Setting up boundaries is a healthy way to protect your peace while you’re becoming your best self.

#7 Tap Into Your Intuition

Pay attention to your instincts, that inner voice that guides you in your decisions or reactions. Journaling is a great way to reconnect to the inner self. As you write your thoughts you'll have a record of perspectives and feelings which can help clarify the direction of your desires.

#8 Plan Your Goals With a Mix Of Deadlines

Plan out your priorities with different due dates. Short term goals can be accomplished in 30 or 90 days. Bigger ambitions will need months or years to achieve. 

#9 Nothing Changes Unless You Change Too

When I’m faced with being a rut I look at what I’ve done different lately. Usually the culprit is that I’ve been doing the same things over and over without checking on what comes of it. My first clue is that I’m confused by the lack of results. Bingo, I realize that I need to change things up. So, save yourself some time and build in reviews on your process and make adjustments as needed.

#10 Batch Your Tasks

Try putting similar tasks together and work on them as "batch". You can even make each task session a different batch so that when you're always cycling through all your required targets in a good flow.



Reflecting on your progress can be the single habit that helps you reach your milestones. As you build a lifestyle that you love keep in mind it is not a race to the finish line but a marathon of small, intentional steps that leads to living authentically. 


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