Journaling is a such a great way to express how you feel and let your thoughts be free without fear of judgement or ridicule.

Although these journal prompts are focused on spring themes, they can be used anytime you need a refresh for your mind, body and spirit.

Favorite Spring Journal Prompts

  1. How would you like to change your morning routine for Spring?
  2. What song do you associate with Spring?
  3. Write about your favorite Spring memory?
  4. What can you in the Spring months that you can't do any other time of year?
  5. What would you bring to a picnic? List all of your favorite foods, drinks, games, hobbies and music to play in the background. Who would be at your picnic?
  6. What scent or fragrance makes you think of Spring?
  7. What are you most looking forward to this season?
  8. How did the transition to Spring affect you overall?
  9. What is your favorite Spring flower?
  10. What does this season symbolize for you?
  11. When Spring comes along, what is your overall feelings or emotion?
  12. If time and money were no object, where would you travel to experience Spring?
  13. What is your favorite Spring fruit? Why?
  14. If you were to take a walk in nature where would you go first: bodies of water, open fields, or hills and mountains?
  15. What is your favorite Spring sound?
  16. Do you or your family have spring time traditions?
  17. If you made New Year's resolutions or intentions, what need’s renewing?
  18. When do you feel most alive, as if you were blooming?
  19. What do you miss about Winter?
  20. How can you savor this season?
  21. What ways can you be more playful?
  22. What is your favorite spring vegetable to cook or eat?
  23. Do you tackle tasks in this season, like "spring cleaning"? Why or why not?
  24. What does personal growth look like for you right now?
  25. How does your body feel due to the change in seasons?
  26. How does Spring inspire or annoy you?
  27. What do you dislike about springtime?
  28. How do you connect with nature?
  29. What habits do you start in Spring?
  30. What self-care activities will you embrace during this season?

Final Thoughts

As you take time to journal, remember there is no right or wrong way to respond to prompts. They serve as inspiration, a starting point, to guide you in understanding yourself better. That’s the real gem, you have the answers inside you already for anything you chose to do or become.

if you’re need more lifestyle ideas read my blog post, "9 Simple Habits That Can Change Your Life".



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