The Real Benefits of Using A Jade Roller

At one time I consistently got facials. That was life before kids.

As a busy mom, spa visits are just not happening.

Fitting In Self Care

I didn't give up spas because I don't value self-care...because I do!

Self-care is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves. The reality is I must maximize every minute of each day. One tool I use consistently for some “me” time is a face roller.

Rollers Everywhere

Jade rollers are everywhere. Yes, those little, green face tools with miniature rolling pins attached to them.

It turns out those rolling pins are important to healthier-looking skin.

The large one is for bigger areas (forehead, cheeks, jaw, and neck) and the small one for delicate areas (eyes, brows, and chin).

What's In A Roller?

Face rollers help to increase circulation, reduce fine lines and puffiness. The rolling is what stimulates circulation which leads to lymphatic drainage.

The result is healthier-looking skin. Jade is also are revered in many cultures as a spiritual stone symbolizing vitality, serenity, and healing. So, there's that nugget of positivity!

What Do You Do With A Face Roller?

Before you even use the roller, consider keeping it in the fridge. Although it is already a cool stone, some people just like how the colder temperature feels on their skin.

Start with a clean face and use our Jade Roller with wide strokes, from the middle of your face towards one of two sets of lymphatic drainage points. Those points are located near the ear lobes/temples and at the collar bone/clavicle.

Manual lymph drainage helps move fluids out of the tissues and into the lymph nodes. This is important because that fluid may contain viruses or bacteria.

By moving into the nodes, those microorganisms are destroyed.

Face Rolling Tips:

  1. Apply your favorite serum, oil, moisturizer or mask to your skin
  2. At the forehead use the large roller and work up from the nose
  3. Sweep out from the forehead to the ear lobes 
  4. Roll out towards your ears 
  5. Gently use the small roller around the eye sockets. Do not press hard. Start at the upper edge of your nose up the brow and move outwards.
  6. Work down to the upper lip, lower lip and chin area. Always sweeping out to the ear lobes or down toward the neck.
  7. Repeat rolling on both sides of the face
  8. Now that you're at the jawline, start at your chin sweeping down from under the chin towards your neck and collar bone
  9. Try to roll at least three times. Be gentle.
  10. Enjoy the natural glow and rejuvenated skin

Face rollers work well in improving the appearance of facial skin. It increases circulation, helps reduce signs of aging and promotes a positive self-care routine. 

Its a simple and highly effective self-care routine you can do anytime and anywhere. 

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