3 Reasons Why Affirmations Are So Powerful (And 45 Affirmations To Shift Your Mindset)

Affirmations are a powerful, practical and effective tool to help you:

  • Create a positive your mindset 
  • Embrace an abundance focused lifestyle
  • Remind you why you want to create a lifestyle you love

Let's dive into the 3 reasons why affirmations are so powerful.


3 Reasons why affirmations are so powerful

So let's get to it. Affirmations help you accomplish 3 important and things:

  1. Shift your mindset
  2. Build confidence in your abilities
  3. Buffer stress according to research conducted by Carnegie Mellon University.

Now that you understand the why let's briefly review: what affirmations are, and how to use them.

What are affirmations?

Affirmations, or self-affirmations, are thoughts or statements spoken or written in present tense to announce something to be true. These thoughts can be positive statements or encouraging feelings with the intention of creating the desired reality.

How to create effective and powerful affirmations 

Affirmations should follow the 3 P’s Rule - present tense, personal and positive. For best results keep these 5 other tips in mind when creating positive statements.

  • Affirmations should about yourself, not another person
  • Don’t talk about what you don’t want, only speak of what you desire
  • Try to include an action verb
  • Keep it specific and avoid vague descriptions or open ended goals
  • Include a gratitude statement

45 Examples of powerful affirmations

These 45 examples of powerful, positive affirmations are the same ones I use in my daily routine. To make this list more manageable I’ve divided the statements into “I am” and “I believe”.

"I Am" positive affirmations

  1. I am growing into who I am
  2. I am working hard to create the lifestyle I love
  3. I am enough 
  4. I am worthy of the blessings I receive
  5. I am grateful my body is healthy
  6. I am grateful for my family and friends
  7. I am ready to receive the lesson for today
  8. I am ready to serve my purpose
  9. I am working hard to create wealth every day
  10. I am thankful for my struggles because they help me appreciate my easy experiences
  11. I am working hard to align my actions to my true self
  12. I am growing into the best version of myself 1 step at a time
  13. I am abundance
  14. I am love
  15. I am serving the higher good
  16. I am in perfect balance
  17. I am worthy
  18. I am grateful for today
  19. I am resilient
  20. I am grateful for blessings both big and small
  21. I am persistently pursuing my dreams

"I Believe" powerful affirmations

  1. I believe in my dreams and work hard every day to make them real
  2. I embrace the positivity of life and let it unfold
  3. I focus on action to create the lifestyle I want
  4. I believe in endless possibilities
  5. I embrace change with open arms
  6. I know life is happening for me and being honest about my circumstances means my next step is doing something about it.
  7. Replace “I can’t” with “I’m working hard to make it possible”
  8. I believe I can figure it out along the way
  9. I trust my identity; I trust my reality
  10. I have to dream it to achieve it
  11. I believe in myself
  12. What I seek is what is seeking me
  13. I believe in myself and my goals
  14. I believe small actions can make big impacts in my life
  15. I enjoy being present
  16. I tap into the organize creative flow state
  17. Joy is my natural state
  18. The world needs the talents and experiences I have to offer
  19. I choose to be a humble servant
  20. I start before I’m ready
  21. I change my response to negative thoughts and feelings 
  22. I follow my curiosity
  23. I know what I want and I’m not ashamed to make it happen
  24. I believe in my why and work hard to make it a reality

Now its your turn. Save or Pin the affirmation lists below to your desktop or as screensavers. Remember to use them like this shift your mindset:

  • Say them aloud
  • Review them day daily
  • Take action on making the affirmation real

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