10 Ways Daily Routines Are Helpful

Becoming the best version of yourself takes time but I’m helping make it easier for you with 10 ways daily routines are helpful. The best way to live your dream life is by including a routine or habit to promote control, consistency and a small win for the day. 

Today I learned via Piedmont.org that researchers at Tel Aviv University did a study and discovered “…predictable, repetitive routines are calming and help reduce anxiety.”

Life can be chaotic at times but having a daily routine will help you destress and provide a sense of calm in an otherwise challenging or unpredictable time. But hang on a minute. I want to make sure you understand what a routine is.

What is a daily routine?

A daily routine is a group of habits or actions that typically don’t change no matter the circumstances. Of course, they might fluctuate or evolve but for the most part you stick with those practices consistently.

What is an example of a daily routine?

One example of a daily routine is starting your day with a glass of lemon water. As soon as I wake up I drink a glass of water. Or I warm up the water and squeeze lemon juice into it and sip that as I get ready in the morning. This 1 small habit sets a healthy and positive tone for my whole day. It’s a small win that I get first thing in the morning.

What are some other examples of daily routines?

These are 4 simple practices to add to your daily lifestyle to help you prioritize the importance of good health: 

  1. Practice good sleep hygiene the night before to set up for a successful day
  2. Take a mid-day stretch 
  3. Set aside downtime or relaxation time 
  4. Leave space in your schedule for wiggle room

What ways are daily routines helpful?

Let’s dive into the 10 ways routines can help you. Routines:

  1. Routines make you who you are for better or worse
  2. Increase your focus
  3. Help you understand yourself better
  4. Make it easier to set aside time for what matters to you
  5. Reduce stress levels
  6. Daily routines create a sense of accomplishment 
  7. Influence your quality of sleep when you practice a good bedtime routine 
  8. Eliminate decision fatigue
  9. Promote healthy physical and mental wellbeing 
  10. Give you a sense of control 

Summary of 10 ways daily routines are helpful

Following a framework makes it easier to feel calm when life gets chaotic. Now let’s take it somewhere awesome. Pick 1 daily routine from my list above and commit to taking that action every day.





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