Quick Guide on Perspective

Try this 1 practice to improve your personal growth: change your perspective. Your point of view influences every aspect of your life. In big and little ways, too.

There are reminders that abundance is all round us if we look at things differently...a change of perspective.

For example, how you react to situations is rooted in your attitude. This attitude, or point-of-view shapes your decisions...which affects your everything from lifestyle, relationships, productivity, and wellness. Major impacts from your simple ability to open up to changing your frame of reference.

The power of perspective helps you thrive (instead of only living day to day). Here are 5 ways to approach different perspectives:

  1. read non-fiction books about strategies or systems
  2. start over
  3. look for the learning experience or positive outcome 
  4. change your routines or habits
  5. ask for help

Change your perspective to control how you react to challenges and gain empathy and clarity in any situation. For more small actions with big impacts read the "39 Best Habits of Successful Women (2021)" to learn more ways for living with intention.


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